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With over 200,000 downloads, Motivation & Muscle can connect you with men & women who really want to train.

Geoffrey Smith, MD

Fiorillo Puts His Mark on Fitness

”Every podcast I've heard hits like a ton of bricks with massive amounts of solid lifting and life advice. Taking his cue from the greats of the past, greats of the present, and adding his own genius to the mix, Eric covers nearly every topic imaginable pertaining to lifting and being a MAN. You can be sure there's no chrome and fern in these podcasts.”

The Best Podcast EVER

“Thanks to Eric and his amazing podcast, folks now can Learn about proper protocol of training, how to put programming to work for you, among many many others. Eric interviews some of the greats in Strength and Conditioning and there is never a dull moment. It's as if we are all in one big room together hanging out and learning together. Job well done Eric! Many blessings.”

Basement Lurker

Podcast of Power!

“Motivation and muscle is the podcast for weightlifters who want to hear discussions, information and advise that is true no-bs and applicable for the real world trainee. Every guest Eric has on is legit and good examples of not only physical strength, but mental strength and strength of character. Tune in before you go beserk on some iron!!!”

About the Host Eric Fiorillo

My mission is to help people find both mental and physical strength and power through fitness. Our show offers the information necessary to help our students from around the world to build their minds and bodies through fitness.