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Gratitude-The Ability to be Mental to become Physical!!!!


Gratitude-The Ability to be Mental to  become Physical!!!!

What are you talking about???? I’ll tell you just what I’m talking about. Think of the thoughts you plant in your head just like the ones you plant into the ground. Once they take root they begin to grow…. With the right care you will have a huge harvest…. Use your mental abilities to grow you’re physical abilities…. Be the best you can be. Even when you feel like life is closing in around you , you’re good thoughts will always get you through it…. Give gratitude for what you have…. YOU’LL GET THERE!!!!

FBC Note:It’s a beautiful day here in mid October. I just wanted to show you today’s version of the FiorilloBarbell Company. We’re always changing and growing…. We’re very thankful for that honor!!!!

FBC Stone and Steel Yard....

FBC Stone and Steel Yard….

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Meaning of Love-GoodBye for Now!!!!


Meaning of Love-Good Bye for Now!!!!

How do you define the MEANING OF LOVE???? Today I’m going to say GOODBYE to my Pal CHUBBY for a while. The big,loud American Bulldog’s life is coming to an end today on this earth. He’s run into the curse of old age…. He can’t get around to good anymore even though that BULLDOG tenacity never quits. His bowels don’t work well and he just sleeps.  If you ever met him he was so full of life and bark. Always the protector and companion. I went to see him for the last time the other day and I really struggled to say goodbye to him. I felt so powerless when I was around him. Here’s something that has brought me so much joy and I was unable to help him. I brought him a large rawhide treat and he devoured it. It was just like old times. We walked to his water dish where he drank. We sat together on the ledge looking over his water dish. I had my arm around him hugging him and whispering loving words that only he and I will ever know….

This is the MEANING OF LOVE. When you can put you’re pain aside and show comfort to someone who is nearing the end. It broke my heart to sit there with him knowing this is it. I’ll never get to take him for a late night walk or take him in the car to get coffee. I’ll never hear that big coconut hit my door at 5AM telling me to get up and go out…..There are so many other things I’ve done with Chubby that I’m going to miss…. Christmas will never be the same. I can’t get him off my mind…. I hope the strength that I whispered  into his ear and the heartfelt hugs I gave him will carry him to his next journey. 

Whomever he meets will be so happy to discover this special dog. I know I will hear that big POWERFUL bark always in the wind…. I do know one thing….. WE WILL MEET AGAIN!!!! I LOVE YOU MY OLD BOY!!!!



My Pal....A great dog....

My Pal….A great dog….

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Daily Thoughts-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!


Daily Thoughts-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!

How’s your head???? WHAT WAS YOUR ANSWER???? I hope it was positive!!!! This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself. To many people ignore this question. They feel they are helpless and just take what ever the world dishes out to them…. This is wrong and a very unhealthy way to think,let alone living your daily life  this  way.

What does this mean to our weightlifter. It mean a helluva lot. Your thoughts are a reflection of what you think about yourself.  It’s hard enough for most people to deal with their daily chaos let alone adding physical demands on top of that.

The thing I think we miss is the physical end joined with the mental end can bring about spectacular results. Never be to tired to go out and do something physical for your well being. Your body and mind with thank you.  Its better then a wheelbarrow of gold. So if someone should ever ask you how’s your head, tell them I am a POWERHOUSE OF STRENGTH!!!! Remember this:The body always follows the neck…. Whats above the neck??? It’s that six inches between your ears!!!! SO,HOW’S YOUR HEAD????


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Grateful-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!


Grateful-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!

Living in upstate New York the fall season is taking hold on us all. I love this time of year. It’s getting cooler,the leaves are turning and falling and Halloween is just around the corner….

This is just the lead into what I wanted to talk to all of you lifters about. I was once again able to perform and execute all of my lifts tonight with ease. We all know from time to time that this doesn’t always happen. Some nights you wish you stayed inside when things don’t or won’t go your way.. I hope that is few and far between for all of you.

I finished my workout at the FBC Steel and Stone yard and decided to sit on my bench in the driveway. I began to breathe in and out repeatedly. I like to do this because it clears my head and gets much needed oxygen to my organs.

The great thing about deep breathing is you seem to get great thoughts and important ideas. One idea that popped into my head was gratefulness… Being grateful!!!! I never stop to think how lucky I am not only to lift and run with big things, but how I’m bestowed this great power. To be able to do this day after day,year after after is such a privilege. I thank God everyday for this.

Tonight it was different. I just felt so tuned in. So many thoughts of people past and present who have come and gone in my life. Fellow lifters who I have trained with through the decades.  The word Grateful  is eight letters we should all practice in our lives. Some night get outside sit under the bright star lit sky and try being grateful!!!! Will you feel good!!!!  Yes you will!!!! Give it a try!!!!



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Plan of Action-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!


Plan of Action-FBC Words of Inspiration!!!!

I had the pleasure to be taught by one of the GREATEST TEACHERS ever.  The gentlemen’s name was Mr Frank Klein. Frank taught me many of the business courses I needed during my first two years of college. He’d always have a phrase or slogan that would be repeated over and over.  One of my favorites was:“Those who fail to plan;plan to fail.” I never forgot that phrase and you shouldn’t either.

This phrase is vitally important to you’re strength endeavors. IF YOU don’t have a plan how are you going to make any strength gains or healthy gains???? If you don’t build a strong foundation how will construct a beautiful house???? The whole point of this article is to get you focused on what you need to do for your continued success. It doesn’t matter what type of physical culture your currently involved in. Build a program and tweak it as need be. Follow a path that will take you to what it needed to get strong and fit. Enjoy your success and relish the idea I came up with a plan and followed through. There is truly nothing like a plan, when it comes together.  So remember Mr Klein’s famous words:“Those who fail to plan;plan to fail.” Here’s to your continued success…. Good Luck!!!!




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Inspirational Words-1001 Ways!!!!


Inspirational-1001 Ways!!!!

I’ve been around the weightlifting world for quite a while now and I’m still amazed at all the excuses people give for not training. It’s always I’ll get started when I have more time or I don’t know how. One of the best questions is,do I train people. My reply is yes, but….. Usually when they ask me what do you  charge they get this look of wow….

What I charge a week they spend on junk food alone. I really believe people are not health conscience till they run into a wall. By this I mean some type of health issue. It could be from a broken leg to a brain tumor. The point I’m getting at is don’t wait till you have a problem. Try to get in good shape so if a problem should arise your body is much more prepared to fight.

Nothing is ever carved in stone but being prepared has its own benefits. This is where 1001 ways rears it ugly head. YOU could sit there and give me 1001 reasons why you don’t have the time to get in shape and I could give YOU 1001 reasons why you should find the time.

The bottom line is we all want to have a healthy and happy life… When we’re sick or just plain run down were just no fun for ourselves or those around us. Instead of 1001 ways I can’t,how about 1001 ways I can!!!! Health is truly wealth!!!! Good Luck!!!!


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Inspirational Words-Strength of Character….


Inspirational Words-Strength of Character….

Just where you stand on strength of character? Lets use weight training as our example today. The words in this story can be used or plugged into whatever you choose.

Anyone who has ever picked up a weight know right from the start that this is a very tough sport. Your not going to pick up a weight and suddenly have the strength of Brian Shaw. It takes years to hone your craft. This is where things get dicey. At this point you really have to make a decision what direction you want to go in. Maybe its  Olympic Lifting, Strongman,Stone Lifting,or Odd Lifting to list a few. Nothing is written in stone but you have to get started.

Now this is where Strength of Character comes Center Stage. Lets say you have chosen strongman training. With the three core movements (deadlift,squat and pressing) you now have added the farmers walk,the yoke walk and stone carries to name a few. Suddenly you might be wondering maybe this isn’t for me. You mind might be saying or those around you, you could get hurt or what does this prove? The one I love is, do you get paid for that?

This is where your Strength of Character  should jump into the conversation. We all have doubt at some point or another with everyone and everything. If you listen and shut off all the chatter around you every situation has the answer you need to hear. You just have to be willing to listen. It takes a lot of guts to follow your dreams day in and day out when your constantly taking it on the chin. Anyone who tells you different is what I call an Arm chair theologian. A person full of words but short on skill.

Everyday our Strength of Character comes into play. You might not realize its even happening. So the next time you fee like your staring down something and its staring you back use that Strength of Character to roll right over it. It will change your life forever.

Good Luck!!!!




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