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Muscle Building Workout-Grip,Hand,Forearm Strength and Power! The WILL!

FBC Note:Eric and Dennis finish off today’s workout with the Ironmind grip machine. This is one of my personal favorites. I also have a Sorin grip machine which you will be seeing more of. We went to 200lbs on the grip machine with a hold. A great way to finish off some good hard lifting. This will definitely give your hands some strength and energy. The hands can really set the tone for your training. Neurotransmitters and Exercise can really light the Brain through prolonged periods of movement. Grab a stone or a steel bar and see what happens. Your thoughts and the ability to direct your energy and power towards any object will be so hightened you’ll tear it in half. Grip it,Squeeze it and FEEL it!

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Weightlifting Equiptment-Frankenstein Rises Part 2!

FBC Note:Eric and Dennis thigh lift and pull 506lbs on a frigid day in Albany NY. Eric takes you through the construction and the inside of the Frankenstein Barrels. This is a man maker exercise. We love the test of will here. I personally am looking forward to lifting these gems in blizzard conditions. I live for the cold and if you listen hard you will here the wind blow as were training. It’s a feeling of power surrounding you. Lifting,cold and protein drinks. This makes my head spin and I couldn’t be happier!

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Weight-Loss, Building Grip Strength and Pickle Jars.

FBC Note:This is 71 year old Kurt training his favorite lift. He loves training his grip strength on the Ironmind Grip Machine. Today he pinched 47.5lbs for the first time. That’s quite a feet of strength for a man who couldn’t pinch 10lbs six month’s ago. To make the record even more meaningful he has not been defeated by one pickle jar since. Prior to grip training he could no longer open pickle jars. He’d had lost that much hand strength. To top that feet of strength he is also in the process of losing 80lbs. When Kurt started at FiorilloBarbell Company he weighed 280lbs. He is now weighing 237lbs. We plan on having him down to 200lbs by June 2014. The change in him is incredible. This goes to show you are never to old for exercise! Find you’re passion and don’t be afraid to take it on.

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