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John Wood-Fats-#463

John Wood-Fats-#463-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes The founder and lifelong farmer of U.S. Wellness Meats, expert on healthy fats, speaker and business man John Wood to the Broadcast. John Wood who is a personal  friend of mine and a very generous individual to the show and my guests affiliated with M&M joins us today.This has been an highly anticipated show. Eric and John kick the show right off with naming some of the healthy fats which will make you stronger and improve your overall health. Some examples are lard, beef tallow and duck fat to name a few. John explains to all of us the role of fats in the diet and how it plays a huge role not only physically but the role it plays  mentally as we age. We talk about the athletes John works with on a regular bases and their consumption of up to 3 pounds of grass fed beef per day with no ill affects. We talk about the history of beef pemmican and the health benefits you will derive from it. It’s shaped just like beef jerky so its easy to snack on when your training or as a snack in between meals. We talk about the milk industry and how milk other then raw we would not consume. We feel it does more damage then good. We also get into the obesity epidemic all over the world and John relates numerous stores of where people when put on a high fat diet have lost as much as one  hundred pounds. John’s devotion to eating properly and putting the best product he has to market is second to none. John is a man to be emulated and admired for all he does for our strength, health and his  leadership role in the wellness community. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Brooks Kubik to the Broadcast

Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Brooks Kubik to the Broadcast. Brooks Kubik is the author of Dinosaur Training and the soon to be released book Knife, Fork Muscle. Brooks is also getting ready to re-release The Dinosaur Files quarterly. Stay Tuned for more updates on that. Eric and Brooks talk about and design a weight progression example. This is strictly for one single workout. We talk about starting lighter and working our way up where the trainee completes today’s goals and feels stronger then when they started. This creates strength of mind, bulging powerful muscles and a sense of being able to do anything with a clear cut goal. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast connects your Brain to your Brawn. Enjoy

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Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Eric Fiorillo to the Broadcast

Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Eric Fiorillo to the Broadcast Eric talks in depth today about taking chances on yourself. He explains that we are stewards of strength, the gatekeepers.. He dives into how rewarding it is to have a dream, a goal something we need to become whole and true to oneself. Take a chance on yourself and just might see how great you become. Let Greatness become your guide. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show connects your Brain to your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Steve Helmicki to the Broadcast

Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Steve Helmicki to the Broadcast. Steve is a weekly contributor to the Motivation and Muscle Podcast. Steve is also the President of Primordial Strength Systems in Buffalo NY. On today’s Podcast Eric and Steve talk about there heroes in weightlifting. The men who had the most influence from there beginning days with the iron to the present. This was a very high spirited show bleeding with high octane inspiration. Take a walk with us through time and enjoy the voyage. There might even be someone in there who had a big impact on your lifting career. So join us. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show connects your Brain to your Brawn. We are the Stewards of Strength! Enjoy!

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Back Squat-Eric Dead Stop Squatting 512lbs 2" above Parallel!!!! The WILL!

FBC Note: Eric is in the process of training the Dead Stop Squat at every height and angle to achieve a massive goal by early 2014. Today I did a combination of a Dead Stop Squats and a Husasteel Pulls. They were higher then normal but we need to condition and build strength at a rapid rate. This is one way I have always had success with. There is much more on the way… Keep watching….

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Coconut Oil:Coconut Oil Lifts Brain Fog and Stops Memory Loss for 65 Year Old Women!!!!

Coconut Oil Lifts Brain Fog and Stops Memory Loss for 65 Year Old Women!!!!

November 14, 2013


by B Nowak Comments

My daughter told me about coconut oil after I started suffering severe and disturbing memory loss and brain fog to the point that I could barely have a conversation with anyone.

I’ve been using it for over a year now and am very pleased to be myself again. The fog is gone and I’m able to drive safely again. I’ve been able to resume my hobbies: knitting and crochet because I can read and remember the patterns now.

I use 3 or 4 TBSP per day, stirred into my coffee. I use organic virgin coconut oil which I order online because my small town doesn’t have it.

Over time, I found an additional benefit: my joints have stopped cracking all the time and I’m much more flexible once again.

I’m 65 years old. My father died after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Therefore, I am dedicated to trying to avoid developing it myself now that they have discovered there is likely a genetic link to the disease.

To anyone who decides to try the oil, be patient. Not everyone has a rapid response. It was almost a week until I noticed a difference, and a month before I actually felt “normal”. Best wishes to anyone struggling with memory loss or who has a loved one who is struggling with it.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Research

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genetically engineered foods,GMO,gmo food,gmo foods

Genetically Engineered Foods-Monsanto $22 Mil Propaganda Defeats Monumental GMO Labeling Bill!!!!


Monsanto’s massive campaign to defeat your right to know what’s in your food continues.


Anthony Gucciardi
November 6, 2013

Monsanto’s massive campaign to defeat your very right to know what’s in your food has been backed by over $22 million in corporate funding from sources like DuPont and Bayer, but the reality is that these corrupt corporate monopolies are fighting just to survive within the world’s food supply.


Perhaps most amazing to me is the fact that just $550 of the $22 million donated to fighting the GMO labeling initiative actually came from Washington citizens. To put that into perspective, that’s around .0025% of the total finances. The rest, actually came from the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroSciences and Bayer CropScience — the same corporations who are actively dominating the food supply with all forms of genetically modified varieties.


Monsanto right now is backed against a corner like a stray animal, fighting with mass amounts of the almighty dollar in order to survive for just a few moments longer. Even the mainstream media now has been forced to reveal Monsanto’s ugly head in light of the Washington voting initiative.


Overall, it is not time to lose morale in the fight for the reclamation of our food, but instead to voice another rallying cry as the beast that is Monsanto begins to truly show how desperate it really is.




Anthony Gucciardi is the acting Editor and Founder of alternative news website, as well as the Founder of the third largest natural health website in the world, He is also a news media personality and analyst who has been featured on top news, radio, and television organizations including Drudge Report, Michael Savage’s Savage Nation, Coast to Coast AM, and RT.

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Brain Anatomy-Research looks at 80-plus and sharp for memory insights!!!!


Brain Anatomy-Research looks at 80-plus and sharp for memory insights

Chicago Tribune



Sept. 04–As the American population gets grayer, researchers are doing more studying of those who have defied the odds — people who are 80 and older and still are cognitively sharp. What they hope to glean by scrutinizing this elite group of SuperAgers is to identify ways to stave off memory loss.

Emily Rogalski, a neuroscientist at the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, researches aging and dementia and is the lead author of a recent study that illuminates these differences.

For example, special MRI scans have revealed that a SuperAger has a cortex — or outer layer — that is thicker than the typical 80- to 90-year-old. Also, deep within the brain, a small region important for attention is bigger than even in the brains of middle-aged participants.

The findings of the study were recently published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Here is an edited transcript of what Rogalski, who has been at Northwestern since 2008, had to say about preserving brain health:

Q: Can the brain improve with use?

A: It wasn’t so long ago that we thought you were born with all your brain cells, which will eventually die. Now we know that it’s possible for brains to change and to make new connections and neurons, which has changed the way we think about brain development and aging.

Q: So what have we learned from these cognitive SuperAgers?

A: We now have research suggesting that keeping your body and brain active is certainly helpful to the brain cells. If good nutrition, moving and stretching are good for our body, the same is true for the brain.

Q: So do you mean doing something like crossword puzzles will keep us sharp?

A: There’s nothing magical about crossword puzzles. … If it were true, it would be much more cost-effective than spending millions of dollars on Alzheimer’s. The key to keeping your mind active is finding something that challenges you and you love to do. So if you hate crossword puzzles, the angst outweighs the benefits. But there’s no question that mental agility is a good thing. … So instead of waking up and following the same regimen, do something different. If you start your day with the news, then do yoga or take a walk.

Q: Does a positive attitude have any effect on the brain?

A: There is some preliminary research that SuperAgers tend to be more extroverted, more open and have a good attitude, but these are only preliminary findings. In our center, we are trying the same thing for those with dementia. What can I still do? What can I do to feel empowered? How do I stay engaged in life?. We have a buddy program, where first-year medical students meet (with patients) for coffee … because that personal contact is important.

We don’t have a cure (for dementia) yet, and medications are limited. So we’re constantly asking: How do we help in the here and now? What are solutions to improve quality of life? Because a dementia diagnosis doesn’t mean that life stops.

Q: Can brain decline be reversed?

A: It’s possible to change connections. People (with brain injury) can recruit other parts of the brain to take over. For example, language is housed in the left hemisphere, but people who have had a stroke may recruit some of the right hemisphere to help out. We know the brain is remarkably plastic. … and can be changed and modified. … But right now we can’t regenerate those cells that are lost … and we have a long road ahead of us.

Q: Are more people getting Alzheimer’s … or are we just getting better at diagnosing?

A: We have an uphill battle for a few reasons. We’ve gotten really good at helping people live longer, with more cures for heart disease and stroke. So our life span is increasing and the biggest risk factor for Alzheimer’s is age.

Q: So what does that mean for us, as a society?

A: That our life span is outpacing our health span … and that is one of our biggest challenges: How to balance our life span — or how long we’re living — with our health span, which is how well we’re living. We also have to recognize that caregivers are vulnerable. … You can start out with one and end up with two people having cognitive distress.

Q: Northwestern created a test that doctors can use to evaluate patients’ cognition that requires participants to identify famous faces. But many of the noteworthy folks were unrecognizable to Americans in their 40s to 60s — such as James Cagney, Martha Mitchell and Emperor Hirohito.

A: Yes … they were outdated. We replaced some of those faces with Oprah, Muhammad Ali and Bill Clinton. But there are some people — like Albert Einstein — who stand the test of time.


(c)2013 the Chicago Tribune

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Go Organic – 800 Million Pounds of Pesticides Can’t be Washed Off, are Bred into our Food with GMO!!!!

 FBC Note- We bring these articles to you because nutrition and Weightlifting go hand to hand.  Go Organic – 800 Million Pounds of Pesticides Can’t be Washed Off, are Bred into our Food with GMO!!!!

Christina Sarich
August 20, 2013

We already know that farmers and farm workers who use conventional methods of planting are exposed to egregious amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. They suffer from all kinds of serious health problems due to this contact with multiple poisons. The worst part? There is no eliminating pesticides from our foods once it is sprayed onto our plants, but as if that weren’t enough, now companies like Monsanto are ‘breeding pesticides’ right into our food crops with genetically modified organisms (GMO).

In a study of children who didn’t live anywhere close to a farm that were given organic foods for two weeks, they had incredibly lower levels of pesticides in their urine samples during those two weeks. As soon as they were given conventionally grown foods again – those contaminated with pesticides – the levels of poison in their urine spiked again. These pesticides can’t be washed off.

The irony of this is that pesticides were used in the first place to try to increase crop yields and protect crops from insect damage; however, a report issued by the Union of Concerned Scientists entitled Failure to Yield: Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops states very clearly that any increases in yield for either GMO or organically grown crops were due to improvements in agricultural practices and not GMO seed.

“Biotechnology companies maintain that genetic engineering is essential to meeting this goal. Monsanto, for example, was running an advertising campaign at the time of the report release warning of an exploding world population and claiming that its “advanced seeds… significantly increase crop yields…” The report debunks that claim, concluding that genetic engineering is unlikely to play a significant role in increasing food production in the foreseeable future.” (

Pesticides: The Unwashable Danger

The studies which outline the pesticide exposure endured by the farming industry are so prevalent we couldn’t list them all in one place, but a Cornell University study mentions the numerous ways that workers are exposed to pesticides, from dirt-dust on tractors to water contamination to chemical spraying, and just some of the outcomes of this exposure – including cancer.

In another study, children exposed to organophosphate pesticides (OPs) have higher chances of developing health problems including impaired motor-coordination and cognitive functioning as well as respiratory disease along with a host of other issues. Even infants can be exposed to high levels of OPs if they live on a farm, through consuming their mother’s breast milk. If farm workers are blatantly poisoned by their exposure to pesticides in our conventionally grown food supply, why is it not a logical conclusion to assume that we will suffer from similar issues even if we live in a more urban setting?

Read: 7 Nasty Effects of Pesticides

While biotechnology has been promising better crop yields since the early 1990s, they have yet to deliver and in the meantime our children are peeing out their poisons in lab tests. Exposure levels are continuing to affect not just farmers and their families, but also the public at large. Instead of 800,000,000 pounds of pesticides, might we not look to organic practices that actually do increase crop yields and save our future generations?

Organic farming practices are accumulating some steam. In fact, the number of organic farms nationwide has grown to well over 8,000. These farms have sufficiently dispelled the perception that organic farming is too difficult, too risky, or too expensive to be practical. Improving soil fertility, utilizing well timed interactions of crop rotation, intercropping combinations, planting schedules and maintaining beneficial habitats are just some of the ways we can ditch our pesticide habit as a nation, and make ditching GMO crops a forgone conclusion.

This post originally appeared at Natural Society



This article was posted: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 10:54 am

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