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Muscle Building Workout-Grip,Hand,Forearm Strength and Power!

FBC Note:Eric and Dennis finish off today’s workout with the Ironmind grip machine. This is one of my personal favorites. I also have a Sorin grip machine which you will be seeing more of. We went to 200lbs on the grip machine with a hold. A great way to finish off some good hard lifting. This will definitely give your hands some strength and energy. The hands can really set the tone for your training. Neurotransmitters and Exercise can really light the Brain through prolonged periods of movement. Grab a stone or a steel bar and see what happens. Your thoughts and the ability to direct your energy and power towards any object will be so hightened you’ll tear it in half. Grip it,Squeeze it and FEEL it!

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Weightlifting Equiptment-Frankenstein Rises Part 2!

FBC Note:Eric and Dennis thigh lift and pull 506lbs on a frigid day in Albany NY. Eric takes you through the construction and the inside of the Frankenstein Barrels. This is a man maker exercise. We love the test of will here. I personally am looking forward to lifting these gems in blizzard conditions. I live for the cold and if you listen hard you will here the wind blow as were training. It’s a feeling of power surrounding you. Lifting,cold and protein drinks. This makes my head spin and I couldn’t be happier!

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Weightlifting Equiptment-Frankenstein Rises and the Explanation Why!

FBC Note:Eric is explaining the concept and the construction of the Frankenstein Barrels. These were constructed out of 55 gallon drums with a fat pipe welded through it to support any size olympic bar. Today we used a York Olympic Bar. I’ve lifted and pulled with a 3″ bar through it. This Thigh and Deadlift will really test your grip strength as you get heavier. All the added weight is put into the barrels which makes the lift very unyielding. This lift will test your grip strength and try to walk you. By this I mean, it will try to turn your body and move you. Dennis is training now to build a higher strength level then before. He now weighs 222lbs .We have combined resistance training with high end strength and endurance training. Between this style of training and the cold it just keeps getting better and better.


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BACK SQUAT,back squat form

Back Squat-Eric Dead Stop Squatting 512lbs 2" above Parallel!!!!

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Weight lifting Workouts combined with Weight Loss: The Metabolic Meltdown and The Husasteel stone Join Forces!!!!

Weight lifting Workouts combined with Weight Loss!!!!

http;// New combinations for Weight Training and Weight Loss. Eric Combined the Dead Stop Squat with the Husasteel Stone for multiple rounds. Dennis who is weighing 224lbs shows he still has the fire power after losing 43lbs. When you lose weight slowly and feel real confident in you’re abilities look what happens. Dennis combined the Husasteel Stone pull with the Heavy Hands all out run for multiple rounds. Look what feeling good about yourself will do!!!! FiorilloBarbell Company always strives to be the best!!!!

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Deadlift-Bob Peoples – The Tennessee Hercules!!!!

FBC Note:Bob Peoples was a true trail blazer when it came to lifting weights. He early on built a rack very similar to what we call a power rack. He lifted monster weights from all angles and height positions in the rack. He truly believed and proved this was his key to being one of the greatest deadlifters ever.Bob’s best deadlift at 181 pounds was 725 ¾ pounds. Remarkable!!!!

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Get Rid of Stomach Fat-The FiorilloBarbell Company Presents:The Metabolic Meltdown Series!!!!

FBC Note: Kurt is training with one of our five major movements for our weight loss solutions. This movement is called a Squat Pullup. I’m a big believer in bringing in as many muscles into the equation as possible. Kurt is 71 years of age with many major hurdles to overcome. Kurt has been with FiorilloBarbell Company since June of 2013. He started here at a body weight of 280lbs. I’m Very pleased and proud to report as of this morning Kurt weighed in at 237lbs. We are well on the way to his goal of 200lbs. Kurt at one time weighed over 400lbs. This has been a constant struggle for him. I’m here to encourage,train and keep him on the straight and narrow. That’s what a good trainer does. Kurt will get there…. I promise….

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How to lose Stomach Fat-The FiorilloBarbell Company Presents:The Metabolic Meltdown Series!!!!

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