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Weightloss Program-FiorilloBarbell Company Presents:Metabolic Meltdown-The TrapBar Deadlift.

FBC Note:The Trap Bar Deadlift is our staple movement for the Metabolic Meltdown weightloss program. Dennis pulled 300lbs easily and we will keep adding weight every week. We want to keep the body moving in a positive direction and fresh at all times. We’ve been putting a tremendous load on his system. Dennis will stay the course and succeed.

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weightloss diets,weightloss motivation,weightloss programs

Weightloss Programs-FiorilloBarbell Company Presents: Metabolic Meltdown-Heavy Hands.

FBC Note:Dennis is working hard on a Heavy Hands Warm-up. Heavy Hands can be used to warm-up the body or for a full  body workout. We are using Heavy Hands for the Metabolic Meltdown Series. We are entering our eleventh week of weight loss training and Dennis has lost 27 pounds.

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