Barbell-FiorilloBarbellCo Thought of the Day!!!!

September 21, 2013 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist


Barbell-FiorilloBarbellCo Thought of the Day!!!!

To me the Barbell is the Picasso of weightlifting. It’s seven feet of steel,usually chromed from end to end. Now before anyone starts to disagree with me on this subject I’m fully aware of stones,thick bars,dumbbells,Trap bars etc. I own many different bars and have or used them at one point or another and still do.

I have four York Olympic bars that have there place right in the FBC Stone and Steel Yard. I love the feel and the look of the York Bar when your getting ready to do a big Deadlift or Squat. Did you notice I didn’t say a word about Barbell Curls????  It’s an exceptional bar for that also.  It’s a great feeling to grab my York Squat stands toss them out in the driveway load my York Bar with some York bumper plates  and knock off some front squats. The feel of that bar on your shoulders is something only a lifter would know. The bar flexing, your tense body,the liveliness of the bumpers and bang you’re racking the weight.

There are few things in life that are that enjoyable.  A fellow lifter used to call this the war with the weights. I’ll take this a step further. I’ll call it the war with oneself. I feel like in one way or another you compete with yourself. This is how you gauge your next workout or pending competition . Have you ever watched a Clean and Jerk???? That bar bends just to deal with the applied force generated by the human body. If you blink you most likely missed the lift.

So the next time you go out to train take 10 seconds and just admire that seven foot gem you’re about to unleash upon the world. Admiration is everything and I do admire that bar.

Wait till I purchase my first Elieko Bar. Oh,that Swedish Steel!!! That will be for another time… Enjoy your Barbell!!!!

York Barbell. Quality...
York Barbell. Quality…


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