20 Rep Squats, Power Pullovers Equal Sizable Gains

November 19, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

20 Rep Squats, Power Pullovers Equal Sizable Gains-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Bill Hinbern to the broadcast. Bill is a strength historian, a strength athlete who is dedicated to over 50 years of teaching the value of strength and physical culture and the owner of the world famous Superstrengthtraining.com web site. Eric and Bill lead the show right off with a time tested program which consists of two super power movements which will put you on the road to sizable gains. Eric and Bill talk about the great Milo who impressed us all with his ability to carry a calf on his back till it became full grown. This leads us right into Super Strength Author Alan Calvert and the lower half of his body. Then we talk about the great Henry “Milo” Steinborn and when he started his squat it was always at the bottom of the lift. Why? Because back in the 1930’s there were no squat stands for you to rack the barbell on. Henry like many lifters of that era would have to rock the barbell on to one end to get it into the squat position to get under it and begin the lift.Eric and Bill talk about the varying exercises that were paired up with the squats for maximum results. We talk about the power of the 20 rep breathing squat and the copious amounts of food you will have to take in two make these super gains happen. The food intake and the amount of sleep you get will really dictate your gains on this program. Eric also tells Bill and gives our family a major component of being a successful stone lifter via the breathing pullover. This can be done off a pullover bench with a curling bar or a conventional 1 inch straight bar. This can also be done laying flat on your back on a driveway, your gym or garage floor. The bigger the lats the bigger the stones. It’s that simple!We discuss some of the great authors who have taken their  variation of the high rep squat and put their own spin on it. Two of the greats we mention are Peary Rader and John McCallum. We talk about the book super squats and how it teaches you the history, the diet and what you’ll expect from it if you follow the courses given.Eric and Bill talk about how to execute the 20 rep breathing squat and the shrug with it for muscular bulk. After you catch your breath immediately go over and execute the bent arm or straight arm pullover. The question that is always asked is how much weight should I use? I always use a very light to moderate weight. Remember, we want to stretch and expand the rib cage. We don’t want this to become a heavy weight bearing movement. When you do that an injury could result. You need to  take full advantage of your breathing pullover rather then worrying about how much weight you use,Eric and Bill talk about your training, especially when you are embarking on a 20 rep squat and pullover program. There are going to be many highs and lows with a gut busting program like this. You might even fail occasionally.  The beauty of this program is your going to learn new things about yourself. What is it really going to  take to get this done? The most important thing you’ll derive from this is gains like you’ve never seen before. Is this not one of the many reasons why we love our weights so much? Pull. Push and gain. The staple of lifting! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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