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July 19, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

My Guest today is The Iron Tamer David Whitley and we together pack 18 minutes of the most explosive, inspirational thought provoking material in the entire world. Ability is our topic for today’s show. Eric and David hit all of our family with a mental body slam right out of the gate.

Eric and David can’t help but be excited for everyone when it comes to are ability. We shout it loudly that all of us have ability and we should use it to our fullest capacity. Your ability allows you to be or become a high achiever and to create a happy and successful life. We teach you the steps needed to to take that dormant ability you’ve been sitting on forever and make it explode into the atmosphere.

Eric and David talk about who you surround or align yourself with has so much impact on your growth. We talk about the word repetition  and how this word will create a giant of a life for you. Nothing meaningful is ever created without repetition. It’s so exciting to visualize and think real hard about your ability and the outcome from its thought. Take everything you’ve got, step on the edge, take a leap of faith and do everything humanly possible to flourish in all that you do. All it takes is a big dose of Ability. Are you ready to use it? The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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