5 For 15-You Can’t Win-#499-9

August 15, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

5 For 15-You Can’t Win-#499-9-My Guest today is Adam T Glass and we together pack 15 minutes of the most explosive, inspirational thought provoking material in the entire world. Today’s Topic for discussion is the much dreaded phrase “You Can’t Win.” Well here at Motivation and Muscle we live to win. Eric and Adam kick the show off  into high hear with our definition of what “You Can’t Win” means and why this has just become so dominate in today’s world. We talk about why winning in some circles has become such a disdained word. Eric and Adam give you many examples of how to get winning back into your life. It start’s with designing a base plan and rolling right into the word action. Once these points are accomplished winning is the by product of all the hard work going into your worthy goal. Contrary to what were told in today’s world we still and will always love a winner. A winner gives us something to aim for in our own life. It brings us a richness of mind and spirit but most of all it gives us a reason to live. We tell you how important it is to put as much distance as you can from the non winners in life and the ones who relish the thought of stomping on your dreams. You Can Win! Eric and Adam will motivate and inspire you to seek that goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish or were afraid to try because of the opinions of others! Your opinion is the only one that matters. Are you a winner? Join all of us in our quest to not only win everyday but to help everyone to succeed with us. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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