Adam T Glass-Injury Rehab-#269

September 2, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Adam T Glass-Injury Rehab-#269-Strongman and Grip Master Adam Glass Joins Eric on The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show. We start out our discussion about being overweight and the misconception that its in my genes. Adam and I totally disagree with that notion especially when you have parents who need to lose a few  pounds and are bringing in their fifteen year old son or daughter who is already prediabetic to lose weight. You must lead by example and know that there are no quick easy fixes for this dilemma. Then we talk about the lack of grit in our youth and how manual labor is so important  to establish a work ethic and instill it in oneself.  We talk about about the common injuries people encounter. They happen with the wrists, having tight hips and spine skeletal issues to name a few. Getting in shape will remedy a lot of the above injuries and counter the negative attitudes your holding inside. Life style changes need to be addressed to repair injuries and rebuild the body.The days of hitting the snooze bar three or four times are over. Adam and Eric on this episode are pure blunt force trauma. Lot’s of great examples and logic on how to get your life back on course through injury rehab or just the thought of creating the new you! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Enjoy!


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