Adrian O’Brien EKI-What’s Required-#491

August 7, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Adrian O’Brien EKI-What’s Required-#491-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes strength trainer, IKFF certified kettlebell instructor, certified mace instructor, Olympic lifting instructor and a teacher of being the best version of you everyday of your life Adrian O’Brien to the Broadcast. Eric and Adrian start the show right off with Adrian telling our family what his definition of What’s Required is. For Adrian its the standards you set in your life. It’s also whats required of you and how you follow through. Adrian tells what success means not only to him but gives examples of what it means to other people. Adrian quotes one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time Earl Nightingale on his thoughts about success. Nightingale lays it right out by stating:”Success is the realization of a worthy ideal.” When we establish what it is we want we work diligently to reach that goal. The problem with this idea in today’s world is everything now must happen instantaneously. Anything which is going to require sacrifice and real grit is going to take a lifetime to master. Eric and Adrian talk about how much can the human spirit withstand and how will you react to it. How do you become great as a trainer, lifter or leader. It all comes down to your pursuit of that dream. How hard will you work? Will you step out of your comfort zone and go after something that is so far beyond anything you’ve ever attempted? This is how you become a great teacher because you will do and try the things most people shy away from. We talk about how weak society has become and how it takes liberties on feeding generations of people only the worlds negatives. Through this onslaught of consistent negative reinforcement people feel helpless and always feel they need outside help to cure their problems. Eric and Adrian see the world in a much better way. We see no limitations on anyone and we strive to teach our students that. Impose your will on everything you do. Build these principals solidly in your mind and reinforce them with constant repetition everyday. Learn to set the pace for your training. Build reachable goals. Set a new standard! Take the things that matter the most to you and defy the odds. Win, Win, Win! So Whats Required? If you can answer that honestly greatness is right around the bend! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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