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Anticipation-Eric Fiorillo, The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Himself to another Great Solo Performance Podcast? Strength, Emotion, Work Ethic, Champion and Winner Sum Me Up Today and Every Day!I’m flying solo again and I’m introducing the word Anticipation and what it means to me in my life. Anticipation to me is Christmas Morning and all the excitement that goes along with it. Did I get the presents I wanted? I talk about Christmas at my house when my brother Jimmy was still with us. It was not only funny to relive during this podcast and tell the story but I still could feel that child like anticipation during it. I also talk about all the great things that you associate with Anticipation. It will be anything from a date to a kiss or a ground shattering lift. 
It’s the thought that goes into everything. The expectation! I love the feeling of a big lift I’ve been Anticipating for a long time. It’s something you love to do especially when you gave your heart and soul for this big goal. I’ll sit there between heavy sets and set my mind into motion to Anticipate whats next today or into the not too distant future!  Anticipation, in turn, builds high levels of momentum. With momentum high on the success chain, everything comes into focus that much quicker. You move with speed and precision and get to your chosen destination.
I really enjoy doing these solo shows. The word Anticipation to me is the same as when you’ll hear people describe it as runners high, or in the zone.  I look at it more as in deep thought or just being a thinker. The best thing of all about Anticipation is it conjures up real excitement that few things do. The feelings alone will last a life time. Your memories will abound and your success will soar! Anticipation!
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