Bill Hinbern-Bob Bednarski-#500

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Bill Hinbern-Bob Bednarski-#500-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Bill Hinbern to the broadcast. Bill is a strength historian, a strength athlete who is dedicated to over 50 years of teaching the value of strength and physical culture and the owner of the world famous web site. Eric and Bill lead the podcast off with the importance of weightlifting and how it can be such a positive influence on you for a lifetime! From there we get right into Olympic Lifting heavyweight Bob Bednarski. Bednarski was born on April 5, 1944 and passed away on February 22, 2004. He set 12 world records in 1968–69. He won three medals at the world championships, including a gold in 1969. Bednarski’s lightning quick agility and technique defeated much bigger and strong competitors. The Soviet athletes copied Bednarski’s successful style of Olympic Lifting and were able to duplicate his success. During the 1967 Pan American Games Bednarski suffered a career threatening elbow injury. He recovered from the injury and the next year set two world records at the national championships. Eric and Bill talk about how Bednarski was the last senior weightlifter in the USA to hold the highest totals for the two Olympic lifts.  In 1983, Bob was inducted into the United States Weightlifting Federation Hall of Fame. In 1990, he was inducted into the New England Hall of Fame.  Bednarski was married to his wife  Kathy for 29 years. They had a son Bobby and a daughter Sheryl. Bednarski came from a large family having had three brothers and three sisters. He loved animals and owned three poodles. We talk about how many great lifters initially started weight training to improve there given sport but soon come to realize that they want to participate competitively. We also address the lack of manual labor in today’s world and how it directly effects how physical you are. Bill and I really get into the doer’s of the world. Eric shares with the family a deep story about his brother Jimmy that everyone will find inspiration in and understand how certain things in our life will influence us to greatness. Are you a winner? This podcast will make you want to be only the best in whatever you take on. Are you interested? Join our Revolution! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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