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Eric Fiorillo Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes strength historian, a strength athlete who is dedicated to over 50 years of teaching the value of strength and physical culture and the owner of the world famous web site Bill Hinbern to the Broadcast.

Eric and Bill get right into the politics of weightlifting with the great bodybuilder nicknamed the Biceps of the Bronx better known as Marvin Eder.

Marvin was the first bodybuilder to bench press 500 pounds at 198 pounds of body weight. Marvin was a pressing machine weather it was the flat bench press or pressing a monster weight overhead.

Pat Casey, the first man to officially bench press 600 pounds, said;“pound for pound, Marvin Eder was probably the strongest man of all time.” Casey wasn’t alone in his opinion. Everybody who ever saw him perform some of his legendary feats agreed.

Eric and Bill talk about Eder’s dipping power. Eder could dip 450 pounds. Just think about the amount of body power this young man possessed. He could also squat 500 pounds. Bill tells our M&M Family that Eder would tell people he wasn’t normal. He had large joints and a very high degree of recovery from such strenuous and heavy lifts.

Eder decided to break Jack LaLanne’s record for parallel-bar dips which was 1000 in 20 minutes. Marvin broke Jack LaLanne’s record without resting, blasting out 1,000 reps in 17 minutes.

As Bill related to me in the beginning of the show about politics in athletics Marvin was a casualty of just that. At the 1951 Pan-American Games tryouts, he surpassed the world record in the press with 337 at a bodyweight of 192pounds.But the AAU refused to let him compete. Because of this Eder quit competing at age 23.

The AAU wouldn’t let him compete because they said he was a professional because he had appeared in the Weider magazines. Eder never received a dime for his articles or pictures.  With Eder’s talent and strength will never know what he was capable of. It’s a real shame the world never got to meet the great Marvin Eder!

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