Bill Hinbern-Midsection-#518

September 4, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Bill Hinbern-Midsection-#518-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Show Welcomes Bill Hinbern to the broadcast. Bill is a strength historian, a strength athlete who is dedicated to over 50 years of teaching the value of strength and physical culture and the owner of the world famous web site. Eric and Bill lead the show right off with a spirited discussion on midsection training. We know most people call it core training but were not most people. Bill presents a great observation stating that midsection training is not limited to just weightlifters. From baseball players to gymnasts and in between all athletes know how important the center of your body is to your well being and strength. Real power and torque is all derived from your midsection. Some of the things we address which will keep your lower back injury free is strengthening the midsection, hip girdle, small of the back and the obliques.Its the same way with poor posture, how you stand up and the way you carry yourself when walking. All of the weaknesses are caused by a weak midsection due to a lack of physical engagement. Some of the exercises which Bill feels will deliver a super strong midsection are crunches, hanging from a bar and pulling your knees up to your chest. Eric and Bill make reference to the great York Iron Boots and how with so many different exercises to try you can build a midsection of Titan proportions. We also talk about working your midsection with various sized dumbbells between your feet. Eric tells Bill when they we younger they would duck tape various sized plates to there body to get more resistance when they trained there midsection. Eric and Bill briefly hit upon diet.If you want to have your abs start showing then what you put into your mouth will have great bearing on how you will look. One thing Bill stressed was that to get those abs to show via diet you will of had to build them long before that. Eric and Bill really wonder how many trainees really understand that training the midsection is a head to toe endeavor. Stop trying everything that is trendy today and build a midsection of iron. This show will do just that for you. So lets strap some iron on and get busy! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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