Bill Hinbern-Power Lifting Great Mel Hennesey-#247

July 18, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Bill Hinbern-Power Lifting Great Mel Hennesey-#247-Eric and Bill talk about another unsung hero in the world of weightlifting. The great Mel Hennesey. We feel men like Anthony Ditillo, John Davis and Mel Hennesey¬† all fill this description. Mel Hennesey was one exceptional bench presser and very strong in the squat and deadlift also. Mel always favored the big heavy bench press. He stood five feet five inches and weighed anywhere from 220lbs to 240lbs. Bill goes down the line and names some of the 500lb bench pressers such as Doug Hepburn, Reg Park etc. Mel trained very hard on his outside appearance meaning he didn’t just train the three power lifts. He incorporated into his training and favored the Good Morning, the triceps close grip bench press and very heavy lat pulldowns. He believed these¬† assistance exercises delivered big time in both growth , added strength and the ability of keeping the body from going stale. Bill really emphasizes how these earlier strength athletes who set records in the bench press for example trained on rickety equipment, used very strict form and sometimes even broke records in street clothes. They were exceptional individuals who we revere so much more today because of their ability to train in any situation and still prosper. Everyone admires and respects strength. Bill gives us another history lesson in the world of strength today. Exceptional! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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