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Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Bud Jeffries to the Broadcast. Bud is a Strength coach, author, motivational speaker, minister, business owner and one of only a handful of professional performing strongman on tour in the USA.

Eric and Bud talk about one of their styles of lifting which is isometrics.

If you’ve seen Bud as of late on Facebook you can witness the sheer power it takes to move massive weights through a short distance and push against another set of rods for a timed hold.

Nothing measures up to isometric work like a program loaded with pulls and pushes. You can become real creative with odd objects and make some massive gains when used in the same capacity.

Would you like to become an immovable object?

Eric and Bud go deeply into how to accomplish this. We talk about the York Barbell Club where isometrics were born and the power rack came into prominence in the 1960’s.

Bill March was constantly featured in articles demonstrating the power you could generate via using large weights and traveling any distance you chose to push against.

The rack solved a lifters weak points thus building not only more strength, ligament size, tendon size and thicker bones and thicker muscles.

The ability to be so strong on your feet is the reason why this type of training is so prevalent in martial arts and wrestling.

When you can be so anchored to the ground and have such explosion in your musculature  not much out there will defeat your skills.

Isometrics will demand from you like no other sets of exercises but will reward you with a big thick massive physique which will be usable in the real world. You will have a physical and mental resolve like no other.

So invest in yourself, a power rack and a whole bunch of isometrics.

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