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Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Chris Melton to the broadcast.

Chris Melton is a Joint Mechanix, LLC  co-founder, an industrial maintenance technician, a life-long entrepreneur and the head evangelist for the ROTATER.

Eric and Chris start right off with the shoulder and why its so important to the lifters survival or for anyone’s day to day activities.

Eric and Chris talk about the how and the why The ROTATER  was created. Due to a serious motorcycle accident to his business partner Scott, which required shoulder surgery and lots of physical therapy, Scott wanted to replicate the stretches and stretching.

With lots of experimenting and several prototypes later, he’d created a shoulder device that would work. There was nothing out there like it!

One of the biggest features of the ROTATER is the ability for you to stretch your shoulder externally or internally  without the assistance of someones help. This is so important because it allows you to rehab a damaged or surgically repaired shoulder and also affords you the ability to keep your shoulders healthy and strong.

We talk about the daily use the shoulder is put through and the ways to keep it functioning at a very high threshold.

Eric and Chris talk about how bad it is for your shoulders to be sitting in front of a computer daily. What this posture will  do after time will close your shoulders in.  Chris tells Eric besides getting up every fifteen minutes to move around there are many weightlifting movements that really lend themselves to shoulder health.

The following movements that really build great posture is the one arm dumbbell row, the deadlift and the farmers walk to name a few.

We also discuss a great book called Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley.

One of the things Chris talks about from this book is just because you’ve been around for a few decades doesn’t mean you have to accept the aging process. Live just the opposite and go after the things that make you tick. There is always a way to get better no matter what your present circumstances!

Just keep pushing.

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