Clint Darden-Longevity-#504

August 21, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Clint Darden-Longevity-#504-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Clint Darden to the Broadcast. Clint is a Strongman, Olympic Lifter,Trainer, Stone Lifter and from The House of Biceps. Eric and Clint start the podcast right off with some interesting observations on lifting and longevity which we agree completely on. We need to keep a constant drive to be healthy, patient and more then anything to keep that strength window open for a long as we possibly can. By this reference I mean that we must be much smarter and able to make the changes needed which will keep us bodily and mentally sound for many years to come. We really get into the reasons why we do what we love to do so much and all of the question marks not only from your own thought but from those around you who really have no understanding about it. Eric and Clint talk about stretching out physically and mentally more everyday. Questions like when your alone and you get caught in a parallel position squat and can’t stand back up how do you safely get out of this positional squat problem your in? Eric talks about his grandmother with Clint and how she almost lived to 109 years old. What was so impressive about my grandmother was she worked as a nurse till she was 76 years old, was always so young at heart and her outlook of the world. But the most impressive thing about her was her love and devotion for her family and friends. She was so devoted to her grandchildren. This lent everything to her long healthy life.  Eric and Clint really touch upon the longevity of your mind and where the mental muscle of your mind can take you to. We feast on the Husafell  and Husasteel Stones  and talk about the ability to carve these ideas out and execute them in a way to succeed at both home and in Iceland.  Clint asks and describes how the Husasteel Stone in not only a builder but a tester. Just the idea of walking for distance with a stone is a unique builder of both mind and health like nothing else out there. As Clint describes the tester will be someone who is very proficient with a heavy stone and  will fight to win that battle everyday of their life. Eric and Clint talk about that getting ready for the next day of training. When your packing your gear the night before the feeling of anticipation that will come over you and the excitement of making a big PR once again.  The constant ability to learn and follow through will have your wheels turning for many years to come. Lifting builds longevity. Who’s interested in joining our lifting family? The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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