Clint Darden-Stone Training Secrets-#374

February 18, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Clint Darden to the Broadcast.

Clint Darden is a Strongman, Olympic Lifter,Trainer, Stone Lifter and from The House of Biceps.

Eric and Clint kick right in with stones.

Eric and Clint address his health problems and how he’s back lifting stones. He’s in the process of rebuilding his stone lifting and that’s all he wants to do short term. Clint has had to start lifting  with his lightest stone of one hundred and sixty five pounds and has also lifted a one hundred and ninety pound too. Clint makes it perfectly clear that he wants to deadlift big and to lift big stones period. 

Eric and Clint talk about how big of a role the triceps and lats play in your success when attempting to lift a stone. We feel these are two of the areas which are neglected and why good hard work will eventually earn you that success you crave when tearing a huge stone from the earth. As Clint tells Eric that he’s been taking the conservative approach to stone lifting. What he has written down for that day is done no matter how he feels.

We also talk about what Clint does for rehab, how to work smaller muscle groups and to constantly do something everyday. By taking this approach Clint is already up to loading a  three hundred and ten pound stone. 

We talk about rest pause training methods for lifting stones and how to use them to build more muscle, strength and endurance to become successful in any of your stone lifting endeavors. 

Success lays right at your feet. Lift a mighty stone and test your greatness!

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