Crippled America

December 26, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Crippled America-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Steve Cotter to the broadcast. Steve is the Founder and Director of the IKFF, champion athlete, kettlebell trainer, martial arts trainer, and an expert in the human performance fields.

Once again Eric and Steve deliver on our podcast Titled Crippled America. We are definitely living in the best of times and to most people very confusing times. With individuals connected to the media 24/7 and everyone having a pro or con opinion on any subject, the divide in America is very real. Because of this constant bombardment overload of information the ability to communicate on a civil level has vanished. This has really put America on a bended knee. Remember this is just as much on a physical, mental, and a spiritual level.

The thing that is much more concerning to Steve and me is all of the cases of sexual improprieties through Hollywood and different Media Institutions. This leads us to our Humanity and where do we go from here. I have spoken to many women on this subject and the vast majority of them want this stuff to go away. If we lose our Humanity what is left for us as human beings. Is it going to come down to every syllable you utter, every look you give someone or something as an innocent form of affection to be misconstrued and then land you somewhere you don’t want to be?

We as humans can’t and won’t be neutral about who we are. DNA plays the biggest part in who we are. You can pretend all you want, live in a virtual romance, and purchase the mechanical robot talked about but we all live for our humanity! We need one another and we need to come out from the shadows to lead the way to build healthy relationships and once again trust each other. We will not survive otherwise.

Eric and Steve inspire and make you really think about whats going on in today’s world and why not everything your hear, are told and see have merit or fact to it. Crippled America we are witnessing now won’t last because of people like you. We will change our behavior if need be and we will restore ourselves to a Strong Humanity. We will know where we stand and the steps needed to make everything better. When we make that happen America will rise, along with its great people to a bright future and a Powerful Humanity which will flourish in its Will and Testament! To the Future!

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