Dan McKim-Highland Games World Champion-#302

October 22, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Dan McKim-Highland Games World Champion-#302-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Number One Podcast in The Universe Motivation and Muscle Welcomes Highland Games Champion, Midwest Rep for Sorinex Equipment, He  Graces the Cover of Milo Magazine for September 2015 , Super Strongman Dan McKim to the Show.  Eric and Dan talk about Dan’s five sons and how he and his wife are building them into young men and future warriors. We really talk about Manliness. Eric and Dan address the femenization of men not only at young ages but all ages. We need to be aggressive, leaders of men and the rock that younger men look up to. Dan and I feel we have failed as a group and we need to change that quickly. We need to stand up and be strong as men. Even though are sports are different we still train hard, compete with aggression and vigor but most of all you can see our passion sweating through our skin pours. How are we so different From the mainstream zoo I ask Dan? Dan answers it in two of the biggest words you can put into action. The words are Motivation and Inspiration. These two words with create a sense of well being and success like none other. Dan and I discuss Motivation much more in this podcast. We also talk about why did he get into the Highland Games and what advice he would lend to someone who has the interest in the sport. We also talk about training and the sacrifice it takes to build world champion strength and the ability to go the distance in your give sport. Dan is a man of character. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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