Danielle Curry-Highland Games Competitor, StrongWoman and MAS Wrestling-#216

May 25, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Danielle Curry-Highland Games Competitor, Strong Woman and MAS Wrestling-#216 Eric and Danielle go through her athletic beginnings and how its had so much influence on her life. This girl is really a winner in a big way. It could be the Highland Games, Strong Woman or Mas Wrestling, Danielle excels at everything. We talk about how we love to train for these sports and how individual responsibility attracted us to them. We laugh out loud saying who would keep punishing their body like this and come back and do it all over again. We talk about our future plans and how were both enjoying where we are right now. Passion for the weights is what drives us both. Danielle is a great athlete with tons of fire in her heart. She has a great strong future in front of her. This strong woman is not only inspiring but a stand up individual. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show connects your Brain to your Brawn. Enjoy!

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