Defeat and Ribbons

April 13, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Defeat and Ribbons-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes¬†the owner and head trainer at Firepower Gym, Mobility Trainer and an accomplished Martial Artist with over 30 years training in various styles Paul Gray to the Broadcast.Eric and Paul kick the show right off with Defeat and Ribbons. This is epidemic in today’s society. The majority of people today have never experienced defeat and are teaching the younger kids that suffering defeat isn’t bad and getting ribbons are good whether it’s deserving or not!

Eric and Paul talk about the defeat we’ve experienced in both of our lives. There are times defeat will shake your confidence. The greatest thing about conquering defeat is it sets the table for you know to go out and do the things that you’ve been holding off on for one reason or another. This is something to really look forward to. At some point, all of the Blood, Sweat, and Tears will turn into something magnificent for you! Examples of this could be in your training, occupation, entrepreneurship and any other thing that is important in your life! The philosophy of Defeat if there ever was one is to learn to take it on the chin, like it and keep the same pattern alive for the rest of your life. Eric and Paul, on the other hand, believe Defeat creates eternal and external strength and the ability to win it on another day. Ribbons are temporary and winning is forever!Eric and Paul talk about the importance of Rocky One and briefly scratch the surface on Rocky Two. These are six Epic Movies which show what it is to get defeated but through the strength of character to rise above it all.¬†In Rocky One Balboa was just thought of as a bum, a pug and a big nobody who fought anywhere and anytime just to make a dime. Then something magical happened to him. He got a shot at the title to fight the world Heavy Weight Champion Apollo Creed. As he said to Adrian:”All I Want To Do is Go The Distance.” He did! Even with well over Twenty plus defeats he still wanted to fight and prove to the whole world that he wasn’t just another bum from the neighborhood.We do know that Rocky did make good on his promise and proved defeat will only keep you down if you let it. Eric and Paul talk about the one thing we can’t defeat is our time here on earth. You can surely though be the best you can be in your life span and just maybe you’ll have the honor and privilege to cheat time and live it much longer through your deeds. We also talk about my brother Jimmy who never succumbed to defeat . Jimmy was taken from us way to early but now his memory flows through me, M&M and FBC. As Paul say loudly this is a VICTORY! Learn Defeat but never get used to it. Remember:”Ribbons are Temporary and Winning is Forever.” Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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