Donnie Giafardino-Indian Club Trainer-#292

October 12, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Donnie Giafardino-Indian Club Trainer-#292-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Host Eric Fiorillo Welcomes Strength Athlete, Indian Club Trainer and the Designer and Owner of Adex Adjustable Clubs Donnie Giafardino to the podcast. Donnie tells us a little bit about himself especially his New York days starting out lifting with his buddies back in the old Muscle and Fitness world. If you weren’t a bodybuilder you were a power strength guy who wanted to build a massive chest.  Most of the guys had big chests and small legs. As Donnie said it was a New York Thing. It was all about the look. As he developed and grew he realized that your physical attributes weren’t all about your chest. Donnie and Eric talk about the old bodybuilding magazines and the advent of the Rocky movies and how guys wanted to be macho and strong. We talk about the guys getting injuries back in the day and how the advent of the internet today has helped get more information out on how to heal the injuries and get back into training. Donnie talks extensively on how his own shoulder injury created out of necessity a way to find out and heal a shoulder injury that he had to deal with for ten years. Through self study, lots of internet hours and trial and tribulation with different implements Donnie created the Adex Club. Donnie is now pain free and teaches clients and classes how to heal, repair and build a stronger shoulder girdle. When faced with a serious challenge we can all look to Donnie and follow his example. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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