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January 10, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo of the award Winning Podcast Show Motivation and Muscle Welcomes MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer and Speaker Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast.

Eric and Bill start the show right off with who or what got you into stone lifting?

We both answer that question clearly.

Bill tells our Motivation and Muscle Family the rich history of stone lifting in Scotland regarding the Dinnie Stones. Bill gives us a full description from the beginning to the present of these marvelous stones. We talk about the weight of each stone and the correct way to set the body when attempting this great feat of strength.

Bill makes reference to the late Peter Martin and our good friend Roger Davis.

Of course no show would ever be complete without the Husafell  stone thrown in for good measure.

Eric and Bill also talk about Basque Stone Lifting. We both have a big interest in it. Bill said he would like to try it.

Eric and Bill really get into the philosophy of stone lifting and why its so much more difficult than using a balanced barbell. We quote the great Steve Jeck on this one. “Barbells are made to be lifted. Stones on the other hand are just defiant.”

Eric and Bill talk about the training needed to lift and succeed with the Dinnies. The grip is so vital to lifting any of these famous stones we read and hear about. The bottom line is you must put in the time and keep learning. Train in the worst elements possible because you never know what you’ll encounter.

Welcome. We’re glad your taking part in our stone journeys. In February we take a voyage to lift the Inver stone.. Were all rock steady and Mighty!

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This Podcast Was Posted January 10, 2016

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