Dr. William Crawford-The Mighty Inver Stone-#386

March 10, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo of the award Winning Podcast Show Motivation and Muscle Welcomes Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast.

Dr. William Crawford is an MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer and Speaker.

Eric and Bill discuss another favorite stone of theirs referred to as the unliftable or better known as the Inver Stone located in Scotland.

Bill gives us an update on what he’s up to in the world of strength and some of his plans for 2016.

Eric and Bill talk about the history of the Inver Stone, where its located and how the Dinnie Stones are in close proximity to it down the road.

Bill tells us that the Inver Stone is located in Mrs. Richards garden. To get the opportunity to lift this stone you’ll have to knock on Mrs. Richards door to get permission. At that point she will witness your lift and film the stone lift for you. From there she will invite you into her home for tea and cookies and to sign the book of past lifters of the Inver Stone.

We can really appreciate the tradition of such an important feat of strength.

Bill describes the Inver Stone in full detail. One thing Bill made clear is the numbers 265 on the stone is not the weight of it. Bill describes the composition of the stone to be rough and weighing in the proximity of 300lbs.

Eric and Bill once again get into a favorite of theirs which is grip work for stone lifting . Bill tells us that he is doing the one handed deadlift with a York Olympic Bar and how much carryover it has to lifting big chunks of stone.

We talk about the great Jack Shanks. At a body weight of 185lbs he could one hand deadlift 440lbs. Jack also lifted the Dinnie Stone. Think of the power generation Jack had.

This Podcast is loaded with so much history and trainingĀ  information to lendĀ  to you the strength and ability to make you the best stone lifter you could ever be.

The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn.


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