Dr. William Crawford-Latra and Leggstein-#307

October 29, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Dr. William Crawford-Latra and Leggstein-#307-Eric Fiorillo of the award Winning Podcast Show Motivation and Muscle Welcomes MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer and Speaker Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast. I’m so pumped to do this show with Bill. Today we talk about the famous lifting Stones of Latra and Leggstein located in Iceland. You’ll get to hear firsthand and be part of an experience few get to live. Eric and Bill describe Latra in a way which sounds and is right out of Norse Mythology. Picture yourself lifting four huge stones having to pile them on top of each other on a cliff with the cold swirling ocean water bouncing over the top of you. Then you move closer to the ocean to meet the Judas Stone. After you finish the Judas stone or it finishes you your next attempt is with the Column Stone weighing 600 pounds. I’m getting fired up just writing this. Then Eric and Bill talk about the Stone at Leggstein.¬† The best description of this stone is to picture a stone wide at the top narrowing down to a point. This stone weighs 485 pounds. The Icelanders tell a tale of a farmer who made a deal with the devil and of course the devil didn’t honor the agreement and the farmer is buried there with no chance of heaven. The way we can free the farmers soul is to lift the Stone and walk in a circular motion around his grave which is covered with a huge stone. What a show we have and I hope all the people who reached out to me will rally enjoy it. Bill and I are thinking about putting together¬† a stone trip for Iceland next year if there is some interest. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy! Stones….

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