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March 5, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Dr. William Wong to the Broadcast.

Dr. William Wong is a Classical Naturopath, a PhD. Exercise Physiologist, Certified Athletic Trainer (AATA), Certified Sports Medicine Trainer (ASMA), World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame member and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame member.

Eric and Dr.Wong get into one of our all time favorites. It’s none other than the power rack.

We start off with safety first. There is nothing safer to train in especially when you’re alone than the power rack. It’s also described in the strength world as the cage.

The Power Rack, an Olympic bar and tons of iron will make you so big and powerful I can’t understand why more lifters aren’t using them.

The power rack became very popular in the 1960’s through the York Barbell Club. One lifter from York who always stood out was the great Bill March. Bill was muscle from head to toe. He was always featured heavily in York Power Rack training articles.

Eric and Dr. Wong talk about how much the greatest martial artist Bruce Lee used the power rack for strength and speed. Only Dr. Wong can give us such a vivid picture and description of Bruce Lee.

We talk about the differences between isometrics and  isometronic.

Eric and Dr. Wong talk about the three different positions we use to get the most size,speed and power.

We also talk about the arm less dead stop rack squat program Eric is doing through the coaching of the great John McKean.

I got Dr. Wong so fired up about it that he was going to try it after we finished the podcast.

So if you want to get super huge, strong, and become a mental mindfield then take the challenge of your life.

The power rack is calling you. I

f you like real challenges, Dr.Wong throws one out to inspire you at the end of the podcast. It sure got my blood boiling to engage in full throttle battle!

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