Draw From The Struggle

January 9, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Draw From The Struggle-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Himself to a Solo Edition of Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7. Eric is the Owner of Both Motivation and Muscle and its Parent Company Fiorillo Barbell Company. Eric is a strength lover specializing in Barbells, Odd lifts, Power Rack Training and Stone Lifting. Eric is a personal trainer specializing in building strength and size in all athletes, the art of weight loss, and teaching trainees how to program their minds for a successful future. Today I’m flying solo and it is a lot of fun to just talk with my family for a change of pace. Today I talk about the ability in all of us to Draw From The Struggle. I start our discussion off first with reading the passage of the Sons of Sisyphus from the book titled Of Stones and STRENGTH. If your familiar with this passage Sisyphus was condemned by the Gods to push this boulder up the side of a mountain to the very top. Once he got it there he had to let it go where it would end up at the base of the mountain. In turn, he would have to repeat this over and over again.  The Gods had reasoned that there was nothing more futile than doing hopeless labor.  This is where I totally disagree with the God’s. Everyone who has ever toiled with weights or stones knows there is always many highs and lows in this physical realm. The point of the whole battle is to outlast it. Learn to become greater and bigger than what is laid before your feet. You owe this to yourself to become a steward of strength, a beacon of power and someone who won’t take failure as an alternative for success! We all will deal with failure many times on our journey to achieve these big goals we dream of. The lessons we learn from failure will cement within us that undying hunger to achieve and achieve we will. Strength comes in so many varieties but you will never recognize it unless you’re fully committed to it. Your effort is the key to just how far you will go. Never be afraid to stand at the base of any mountain. Take in everything around you. Soar to new heights through your willingness to achieve your goal no matter what the cost. Remember winners win. Every one of us has that winning power. Live the struggle and live your dreams!.  Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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