Eating Part 2

May 22, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eating Part 2-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes A College Professor Who Practices What He Preaches, Strength Athlete and Martial Artist Shawn Bjerke to the Broadcast.Eric and Shawn educate our family on our next subject called Eating Part 2. Today’s topic is Carbohydrates. This is a very sticky subject for most of us because there is so much pro and con information available. We will paint a much clearer picture for you to help with your decision making process. Carbohydrates like strength training in all its various forms might work for one individual and not for another. Eric and Shawn talk about why are carbohydrates classified as not essential and why you can get everything you need from fats and oils. Shawn disagrees with that statement mainly because of the importance of the fiber contained in carbohydrates. We are all aware of hot important fiber is to one’s health. We hit upon something very big which will definitely create a winning or losing atmosphere for yourself. It’s called your belief system.  This is the only thing you’ll need to think about with what the role of diet plays in your life. This will dictate success or not for you!Eric and Shawn discuss what Eric is doing training wise and what would Shawn tell Eric to do food wise to keep the strength gains continuing. Two of the main reasons we need carbohydrates for strength training is for glucose and glycogen stores and recovery. We talk about the role of carbohydrates and sleep for recovery from our hard training. One thing Shawn emphasized to Eric is to stay away from the supplements for replenishing carbs. Stick with the whole foods for that because of their micronutrients and fiber.
Eric and Shawn finish this informative podcast off with some very key points on Organics. The first thing we talk about is Grass Fed Beef. If you eat this type of meat and it matters to you always ask your butcher it the animal is grass finished. This is very important to know what the animal is being fed before it goes to slaughter and to your dinner table. The second thing we talk about is your fruits and vegetables. Does Organic matter when it comes to that? It does for many reasons such as what type of seeds are being planted, the soil its being grown in and are these fruits and vegetables being sprayed with toxic chemicals. Go to any farmers market and buy a fruit or vegetable that has been picked that day and take it home and cook it that night. Talk about an abundance of life and growth factors. The bottom line is this show will educate you on the dos and don’t’s for carbohydrate consumption. Enjoy your food and grow big and strong from your food! That’s what life is all about!
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