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Eating-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes A College Professor Who Practices What He Preaches, Strength Athlete and Martial Artist Shawn Bjerke to the Broadcast.Eric and Shawn start the podcast right off with the subject of eating. Shawn is a college professor who teaches a nutritional college course on just that. The most common question Shawn gets from students is that don’t have the money to eat a well-rounded nutritional diet. In answer to that question, Shawn has each student for the next week write down what they eat and where they eat if from.The common denominator, once the students turn in their data, is that they eat out or eat fast food for the amount of their weekly diet. Then they wonder why they’re broke? We talk about how cost wise and nutritionally wise it is to learn to cook at home with good ingredients so you get the most nutritionally dense foods in your diet. Eric and Shawn talk about protein and how protein is a strength athletes best friend. We specifically address the power of eggs as opposed to a quarter cup of protein powder. Bothe are a great source of protein but the egg wins hands down. So right there the example of the egg is a great start for your nutritional renaissance.Eric and Shawn dispell some of the sugar myths and talk about a favorite of ours which is the consumption of raw milk. One thing we address right away is if your not gaining muscular bodyweight does some high rep squats followed my pullovers and a gallon of raw milk per day and watch yourself grow, grow, grow!  The whole secret to raw milk is to consume it right away. We talk about the ratio of fatty acids in both raw milk and grass fed beef as opposed to pasteurized milk and feedlot beef. When meat and dairy are raised on soy and corn the essential fatty acids are going to be way out of wack and in an unhealthy way.Eric and Shawn talk about how to buy grass fed beef, eggs, and raw milk when you’re on a budget. One of the first things to do is to invest in a freezer. The second thing to do is to go in with a group of people to purchase a quarter side of a cow and split it up among one another. When you do this you have good wholesome food which will keep you much healthier and save you money in the long run.Eric and Shawn finish our podcast and wanted to impress upon the family the value of a good sound nutritional program. We make reference to the training protocol and the diet of the young children all over the world. Because of poor diet’s Obesity is rampant with our young children all over the world. We can make a big difference with teaching the positive benefits of exercise, sunshine, great nutrition, and the right thought process! We saved the best for last. Eric and Shawn talk about the manliness vegetables for men. Shawn gives us a list of what men need to be eating vegetable wise and we will go into it more on our next podcast! Isn’t it great to be alive? This show has me so fired up! Good nutrition equals power, strength and resolve! Join us? Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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