Emotions, Thoughts and Deep Blue

November 4, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Emotions, Thoughts and Deep Blue-Award Winning Podcaster Eric Fiorillo Host of Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Co-Founder of Strawberry Hill Productions, Director of Content, Over 12 Years Experience in interactive media and internet radio and 6 years as a podcaster with her own show called http://everydayattraction.com/Welcomes Rae Palermo to the Broadcast.Eric and Rae start the show off with your emotional health. How do you handle your emotions in a non stop busy world? Doctors are now relating to us that many of our health problems are stress related or emotional for a better word and this can be measured as high as 80 percent. As Rae tells Eric when you think and  feel well life seems to have an even flow to it. When you are in a negative state of mind you attract things that make you feel poorly and if you keep these thought patterns up something much worse will happen in your life.We talk about when the athlete is in the zone or as Rae calls it the body being in alignment. The best way to get this idea across to everyone is you and only you can get whatever it is your chasing after done yourself, period. We talk about how  Rae works with people who have a lot of emotional baggage whether it’s personal or business and how she lays out the road map for them to begin a mental change. The one commonality that she has discovered is many clients still bring up their negative emotional pattern from decades ago.Eric and Rae now discuss what she came up with after her research more deeply into emotions among the other areas of our body. She found that essential oils can have a pronounced effect on emotions, immune system support and body recovery to name a few.  After further analysis Rae found a company that has the science and the testing to secure the purity of the plant at its peak cycle to pick, process it and send it to market. The name of the company is doTerra and Rae is very involved with their products.We talk about how easy it is to administer these oils to oneself. Its as simple as rubbing the oil in your hands and sniffing the aroma of the oil. These oils penetrate the cells through the nose and Rae relates to Eric that she has seen many of her clients negative patterns cease. As both an athlete and a person who is making life changes isn’t it better to be on the winning side?Eric and Rae talk about some of her recommendations for athletes and people who like to play and work hard. Some of the blends that really work well are Motivate, Peace and Deep Blue. The first two blends will  reset you mentally with a surge of renewal and the deep blue will work with the bodies physical ability to restore itself. Eric and Rae wind the podcast up with On Guard. This formula will keep you immune system healthy all winter. Rae goes into detail on how she uses it in her home and on her children. Keeping yourself healthy all winter will keep you out of the doctors office. As Rae relates to all of us that as we begin to become more in tune with ourselves and handling our emotions better good things begin to transpire! Live in a positive state of mind and watch your world change only for the better! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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