Fat Loss After 40

July 18, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Fat Loss After 40-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Eric Guttmann to the broadcast. Eric is a Naval Officer, Strongman, Writer, Trainer, and Speaker.Eric and Eric G start our podcast off with Fat Loss After 40. Eric G explains from the opening of this show that fat loss at 30 years of age is much different than the fat loss at 40 years of age. We talk about why are you gaining these extra pounds after 40 and the steps needed to take to get rid of that extra 10 pounds. One thing everyone needs to take into account is what you did at 20 years of age will not work when you’re 40 years of age.
We talk about the three very important things you’ll need to concentrate on if you want to lose body weight efficiently. The big three are your nutrition, your hormones and doing a liver cleanse.¬† The main reason why we do a liver cleanse to lose weight is that the liver, kidneys and the colon are overburdened with toxic material. The overburden of these organs will cause the body to produce body fat as a safety mechanism. Eric goes into detail on OUR PODCAST on how to do a liver cleanse and even has written an article on exactly how to do this cleanse. To find this article on the¬†liver Cleanse you can google Eric Guttmann Liver Cleanse.
Eric and Eric G talk about why you should Adult Up when it comes to not only a liver cleanse but the responsibility you have to your own health. Eric G tells us that he is constantly contacted by people who need weight loss. He literally gives them the exact tools to get the job done and yet so many never follow through. As Eric G tells Eric. This is a great way to see how serious you really are.
Eric and Eric G finish off this life saver podcast off with a few key points. Please stop falling for the glossy models marketing the 90-day plans for your weight loss and improved health. Secondly stay away from any fat loss supplements that promise you quick results. In both instances, this could effectively kill you if you’re not very careful should you purchase these products. We also talk about experimenting with what you are consuming in your daily diet every day. How do you feel after consuming carbohydrates all day? What about a high consumption of fat on another day? The bottom line is by making a liver cleanse your top priority, adding in some body weight and barbell exercises and learning how to eat during the day and night the benefits will be numerous. Vim and Vigor will walk back into your life when you follow our blueprint. Your life will excel with loads of Manliness once again! Strong!
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