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July 4, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Favorite Stones-Eric FiorilloThe Host of Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Powerlifter, Stone Lifter, Strongman and Owner of the OBS Gym Andrew Cairney to the Broadcast.
Eric and Andrew start our podcast off with a few observations right away. Andrew tells Eric that the last time he was on Motivation and Muscle was June of 2014! Is it been that long? Secondly, we comment on how his little girl who just turned two years old and how much Andrew enjoys Fatherhood! We crank our conversation right up to talk about Andrew’s new Gym called OBS. OBS stands for OUTCAST BARBELL SANCTUARY! The main reason why Andrew opened up his gym was that there were no hardcore gyms to train at. All there was were gyms that were soft places where there were no such things as results. Andrew tells Eric he was sick of all the narcissistic crap in these gyms and the selfies that went along with their membership!
Andrew tells Eric his gym is for the commercially unwanted. It’s a gym with only strength and power in mind. Lifting big things and throwing them around is the essence of OBS. One of the greatest things about OBS is its family atmosphere with each and every lifter. We talk about Lance and Susan Holland-Keen and family on their recent Stone tour and the tight-knit community we all attest to. It’s so great to see us all involved in strength this way.  We talk about a Highland Games Event Andrew was at and how much the children were interested in these events. As we said the children just need to be shown other things rather than being glued to an iPod all day. We talk about the difference in weights to stones as far as lifting something very heavy goes. As Andrew, I discuss this notion that stone weight and an Olympic bar loaded with the same weight is the same we dispel this theory quickly. That’s why stone lifting will show you exactly how strong you are and what areas need more work to capture overall body strength.
Eric and Andrew end this mind blasting podcast off with what do we need to focus ourselves on to make whatever it is in our body stronger and more resilient?  We talk about Andrew helping out our good friend Charlie Blair Oliphant with his training for his goal of lifting the Dinnie Stones in July 2017. We also talk about the role of the bicep in stone training and stone lifting. That muscle sustains so many tears and injuries. This is why we must constantly lengthen the bicep when we train it and not shorten the muscle making it bunchy and not fully functional. There is so much information in this podcast emphasizing on stones, building the body, Andrews favorite stones to lift and the joy of power, strength, and progression! Have at it!
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