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Favorites-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Canadian Strongman, martial artist, and an arm wrestling champion competitor around North America despite being born with mild cerebral palsy Jeff King to the Broadcast.

Eric and Jeff in Today’s Discussion are going to talk about their Weightlifting  Favorites! We’re just going to lump everything together to make the show easy to follow. Jeff starts off talking about his arm and forearm workouts. He likes to use the fat bars because of the other dividends they deliver to the surrounding muscles. We also give you examples of how to create your own thick bar with towels and Duck Tape. Eric and Jeff talk about training with a  prowler and how using it will strengthen the body from head to toe. We also talk about pulling tires for distance and the whole effect it has on enduring strength.

We talk about the floor press along with taking a very heavy sledgehammer and beating a tire for a specific amount of reps and time. Power Rack training is a must and Eric and Jeff talk about Mashing Middies which Eric is embarking on presently. We talk about our friend and fellow Stonelifter Mark Haydock and how he’s working on his goal in 2018 to cover the distance of the Dinnie Stone walk. This type of training and the goals we all have is something to really admire and to inspire others with our Favorite Strength Movements.

Eric and Jeff finish our Podcast off Titled Favorites with a few meaningful words of wisdom with this. As much as everyone has their favorites to train on or with all of these worthy exercises that have a lifetime of knowledge behind them they also become our favorites too because we see the dividends in return from certain exercises and some movements which are more suited for our physique. The next thought that comes to mind is even better than the first one. Isn’t it great to find something you like to train on and start competing? This is what it’s all about. When you put yourself out there against the others it really draws out of you what your spirit is made of. Can you cope with the pressure but most of all will you Win? Maybe someday you’ll take that big stone trip we always talk about on M&M and realize that Dreams do come true! Your always a Decision away!

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