FBC and Stronger Grip Contest-Win The Monster Hammer-#377

February 23, 2016 Eric Fiorillo 1 comment

Eric Fiorillo and Ryan J Pitts discuss how to win the monster sledge hammer Ryan built for the Fiorillo Barbell Company. Here are the Bullet Points we discussed during yesterday’s podcast.

1-Make any type of strength related video you choose to film

2-Upload the video to You Tube

3-On the subject line type in FBC and Stronger Grip with a description following

4-In the box below you can go into more detail if you’d like to

5-Please put your e-mail address in the box also. If you don’t and you win we will have no way to contact you

6-The winner of the sledge hammer will be my guest along with Ryan on a Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show

7-Anyone can enter the contest and that includes my  regular monthly guests on Motivation and Muscle

8-Ryan talks in detail about his craftsmanship and the passion he has for everything he builds. Ryan builds top quality equipment with the strong athlete in mind

9-Join with us to win this beautiful sledge hammer

10-The sledge hammer weighs 25lbs empty and can be fully loaded to 83lbs with loaded shot

Good Luck!

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