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February 7, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show With The Greatest Family of Listeners Welcomes Gymnast, Trainer, Olympic Lifter and CrossFit Athlete Francesca Emanuele to the Broadcast.

Eric and Francesca talk about how physically she’s accomplished so much at the young age of 26 years old. Francesca feels gymnastics prepared her for the success she has had to date with CrossFit and Olympic Lifting. The first time she did a split jerk she nailed 155lbs overhead. Now that’s real potential.

Eric and Francesca talk about how developed her legs are and how much they have served her thus far in her competitive success.

Eric asks Francesca the age old question. Why are so many girls suffering from their body composition? Francesca tells Eric how Hollywood, peer pressure, food, over-training and anxiety play such a big role in why so many girls are facing these serious problems. Francesca faced serious eating disorders which she has beaten and once she embarked on CrossFit she found something that she appreciated and something that really appreciated her. She found loads of confidence and was finally comfortable with her body.

We talk about the philosophy of ideas and winning and how to make your own way no matter what.

We talk about the Rocky Balboa movies and how we love the underdog and what a positive message it always brings out through you.

Francesca is not only a very confident girl but leads by her example, leaves not stone unturned  and will make every goal she has set for herself. This girl is all passion and a true warrior.

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