Frank DiMeo-Outdoor Training and Tri-Quad DSS-#387

March 11, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Frank DiMeo to the Broadcast.

Frank DiMeo is The Cave Gym Owner, Trainer, Strongman, Crossfit Athlete and Writer.

Eric and Frank talk about something they both love to do. It’s none other than training outdoors. Though we both live in two totally different climates we relish the weather elements we encounter every time we train in the outdoors.

Frank and Eric both agree that the outdoors will test body, soul and mind much more then a controlled workout environment. We feel this makes a much tougher athlete.

Eric and Frank talk about what he likes to work with outdoors and how he feels this type of training enhances everything else he touches in the gym.

Eric and Frank specifically talk about body weight dips, the adex club for shoulder work and rehab, sled pulling, kettle bell work and sand bag training, Eric and Frank describe how many sets, repetitions and days a week to train in the great outdoors.

Eric and Frank talk about a new Dead Stop Squat Program Eric is doing courtesy of the great all around lifter John McKean.

John wrote for years at HardGainer Magazine. This is an armless¬† dead stop back squat off the rods. Eric gives Frank all of the details on how to execute this great lift and how to do isometric holds pushing against another set of rods. This is one of the most amazing squat routines I have ever done. My traps and rhomboids feel like they’ve grown an inch already.

Eric and John will have much more on this manly exercise and lots more on building monster size and strength in the power rack.

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