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February 5, 2018 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Fullsterkur and Press-Eric Fiorillo Host of the award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcome Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast. Dr. William Crawford is an MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer, and Speaker.

Eric and Bill are riding off of the success of our last Podcast Titled Bicep Course! The response was loud! On today’s Podcast, we start off with Bill’s Powerlifting Team by the name of Fullsterkur. If you love the Husafell Stone and want to one day lift and carry it this would be a good time to find out the definition of that word. These are young men along with Bill’s son Billy who just competed in a Power Lifting meet with each one of these young men exceeding their deadlift goals. Bill will describe the feeling each young man had during the meet and how beating a goal will change you in such a positive way! As you’ll hear the young men were brimming with pride and confidence! Success will do that to you!

The next topic we hit was the Press. We did bring in the Bench Press at points of the discussion but we really went all the way with the overhead press. We talked about some of the great Pressers of many eras. It went from John Davis to Doug Hepburn, Paul Anderson, NorbertNorbSchemansky, Chuck Ahrens and Tommy Kono to name a few of the greats.

What is it about the overhead Press that was so popular at one point in history but really lost its luster after Bigger and Bigger Bench Presses were being recorded. We think what really hurt the press was the removal of it from Olympic Weightlifting. Think about the pressing Monsters on the platform back in the day like Alekseyev, Pantera, and Reding to name a few. Men of such might and thickness it really changed the scope of lifting forever.

Eric and Bill finish off this Pressing clinique Titled Fullsterkur and Press with a few great points. There is nothing like a set of coconut shoulders built through heavy overhead Pressing with a barbell or dumbbell. When you see someone with a huge shoulder girdle it reaks of the look of Power! Another great byproduct of heavy overheads is the size of the upper back. Another great point of this pure gold podcast is the movement WSM Zydrunas Savickas gave to Bill to really make his overhead take off. It really works and we know Zydrunas might be the best Presser overhead ever! Onward and Overhead!

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