Gareth Denyer-Nutrition and Supplements for High School and College Athletes-#232

June 18, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Gareth Denyer-Nutrition and Supplements for High School and College Athletes-#231-Eric and Gareth get into just what you need to succeed in your given sport through smart whole food choices and using supplements to enhance that desire to attain your goals. We talk about the young athlete and how there looking for the latest and greatest program to make them a Superman. Many young athletes neglect the two most important things needed to make gains in strength, size and power. Nutrition on all levels must be addressed along with how your body recovers. We talk about examining everything you consume and how this will be the make or break in your weight training. We talk about taking enzymes with each meal to fully digest what you have eaten at that time. We also address when your drinking large amounts of protein enzyme consumption is a must. We get into the psychological end of eating and how your mind can work for you in a massive way. Once you’ve made that educated decision and decided on your given sport you now possess the discipline to make good food choices for big gains, energy and continued success.  The stakes are high and it can be confusing at times for some athletes. This podcast answers some of these confusing questions and gives direction to you from Eric and Gareth’s Experiences in their own life. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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