Good, Bad and Indifferent

May 17, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Good, Bad and Indifferent-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes the owner and head trainer at Firepower Gym, Mobility Trainer and an accomplished Martial Artist with over 30 years training in various styles Paul Gray to the Broadcast.Eric and Paul open today’s podcast up with your creativity, your style that you will deliver and your ability to put it all into motion. Paul makes reference to Motivation and Muscle. Paul tells our family how my creativity of the show and every episode will live in eternity forever. Paul also talks about the shows hold it had on our family of listeners and how the positive influence of the show has changed hearts and minds.We talk about the passions which drive us all to greatness and how important your legacy is. When you drive your passion so hard and you want to change your life and the others whom you come in contact with is this not the reason to be alive? This now leads us to the tales side of the coin which I call indifferent. You had better build a whole slew of indifference within you. When you do this and practice it repeatedly rough times are going to have a very hard time beating you to your knees.Eric and Paul talk about the benefits of laborious work, getting back to the land and the never-ending adventure in the full development of oneself. This is life and to live it fully we must change and constantly renew who and what we are. Technology, on the other hand, has rendered many of us obsolete both mentally and physically due to its growth. This is a very dangerous precedent for many of us in today’s world. This is where you must be indifferent to its grip on you. Use it when it is needed but turn it off and stay away from it when it’s not filling its purpose in your life. Eric and Paul finish this life changing podcast off with a couple of great tips to enact in your life. The first one is the great disconnect from the media. I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out for you if you’ve listened to this podcast and our previous shows. Free yourself! The second thing you need to do is get involved with your true passions. This is not some type of fairy tale I must add. I’m talking about going after the impossible, fail a few thousand times, and succeed maybe a few hundred times. This is how you create and become one unstoppable force. This is the good magnified by a billion! My congratulations already go out to you. I know that you can do it. Never be afraid to be indifferent especially when you know you are correct. Live for the good, crush the bad and learn from it and always show your indifference when you stand for something you believe in!
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