Healing Physically and the Journey of the Warrior Poet

June 14, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Healing Physically and the Journey of the Warrior Poet-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Pawel Widuto the broadcast. Pawel is the CEO of Tengu Fitness AS, head coach and co-founder of the innovative system Art of Functional Movement, Circular Strength Training (CST)  Instructor, Kettlebell lev.2 instructor, Nudda Filipino Boxing, Kaliradman apprentice instructor and a background in Kyokushin Karate, Kickboxing, FMA. Eric and Pawel start our podcast off with an update on Pawel’s bicep tear. Pawel tells Eric that things have gone very well with the rehab of the arm and he hasn’t lost any strength in the arm at all. The bicep after all of that trauma has lost very little of its prior shape and he’s back to push-ups and his pronation and supination are fine.
We tackle the Mental Challenges that you embark upon when presented with an injury of this magnitude. The first big piece of advice is to tell you not to get down on yourself but most of all don’t beat yourself up over it. As Pawel said to find a happy medium on your road back to health. Don’t do something foolish which could permanently finish your training career off! We get into so many interesting things here with talking about back and trap training, hamstring training, calf work and Pawel going back to a meat diet. Pawel describes to Eric some of the great changes he’s already seeing in this diet. The first thing Pawel said was how much better his mood has become. The second thing he said is how much better his body looks with the higher amount of fats he’s now consuming. Eric and Pawel talk about his new book the Warrior Poet and why he decided to write this book. I ask Pawel to describe to me what he feels people are thirsting for into today’s day and age? He feels the best description to explain what is lacking right now in most people is The Why or a lack of Purpose. 
Eric and Pawel finish our gripping podcast off with some great thoughts. The first and foremost thing with any successful endeavor it to find The Why?  You must find first what drives you and how to proceed with anything that important within your life. There are too many times we just go through the motions, fail when it’s not quick enough and quit. But if you can get in tune with the physical side of your life watch what will happen with your life. We talk about the body contacts we’ve had from outside ourselves. It’s just like stepping out of yourself and shaking hands with the world. These are things that happen throughout years of repetition and thoughts constantly revolving through your mind. It’s very exciting to know that you can and will be more than you could ever conceive. To put it simply! Get out there and busy yourself!
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