Heat, Sleep, Eat

June 26, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Heat, Sleep, Eat-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Dr. Bob Weil to the broadcast. Dr. Weil, D.P.M. specializes in podiatric medicine, orthotics, and sports medicine. Dr. Bob Weil, host of “The Sports Doctor”. on Healthy Life.net. Dr. Weil speaks to professionals from all over the world on these various topics.Eric and Dr. Weil Talk Heat, Sleep, Eat but first we could never start our conversation off without some comments on the Mental Game.  You have to be mentally fit and mentally sound as I call it to carry out any dream into a full blown goal. It’s the same way for the person who is working very hard to reach their weight loss goals as much as it is for the elite athlete going for a new record in their given sport. You have to process the attitude and the will to get this done.We start right off with the dangers of heat associated with high school sports especially now that summer is here. Within the next month, football will be taking center stage for the Fall season to begin. We really discuss football at the high school level where it’s not uncommon to see these heat related issues or even sudden death on the field. One thing Dr. Weil emphasized is that coaches and trainers must keep a close watch on their players during extreme heat because younger people don’t dissipate heat the way older people do!
Obesity hits another nerve here because of how dangerous it is to your longevity and the destruction it will do to your immediate health. We give and talk about solutions which will keep your children in excellent health while they really enjoying the physical activity their taking part in. This is where eating plays a major role in everything you do. If you look at the sports players from the top levels these teams have dieticians, nutritionists, and chefs right on staff. This is done so every athlete eats at their best all the time to fully recover and be ready for their next game or event. 
Eric and Dr. Weil summerize Heat, Sleep, Eat with the importance of good hydration during intense heat, finding a shady spot to go to and most of all know the warning signs. This education will save your life.  We also talk about overuse injuries which once again harks back to eating and sleeping for starters. Pain is always an indicator that something is wrong and steps need to be taken to fix the problem. The bottom line is real sports success comes from making the right choice and having the right people around you. Heat, Sleep, Eat. Take all three very seriously! 
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