Highlights and the Future

August 14, 2018 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Highlights and the Future-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation andMuscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Strongman, Stone Lifter, Musician and the Son of Legendary Stone Lifter Jack Shanks Welcomes Stevie Shanks to the Broadcast.

Eric and Stevie have a great chat about the Gathering in Scotland almost two weeks ago and some of the great things that transpired at this event. One thing we must recognize right away is the growth of the Gathering through Stevies Leadership and how he wants to create the same interest in the Gathering that there is in the Highland Games which take place a week before the Gathering!

This year we witnessed the adding of the Ardblair Stones and the Inver Stone to the Dinnie Stone Gathering! Both Charlie Oliphant and Martin Janscics both Stone Lifting Giants in their own right were the key people running the Ardblair Stones and the Inver Stone exhibition. As Stevie related to Eric that these two events were a great addition to the Gathering and people had even a greater opportunity to get involved in this great day of Strength and Power!

Eric and Stevie talk about two of the biggest things to ever happen at the Gathering. The first major thing to transpire was Strongwoman Leigh Holland-Keen lifting the famed Dinnie Stones. She is only the second woman to ever lift the Dinnie Stones at a combined weight of 733 pounds. It had to be one of the most impressive lifts I have ever seen! The second thing which was another huge happening was sixty-three-year-old Italian Strongman Enzo Donadio becoming the oldest lifter to ever successfully lift the Dinnie Stones! What exceptional people which will not only go down into history but will always be remembered with all of the Greats from the past and into the future!

This Podcast is loaded from top to bottom with so much information about the Gathering 2018. I implore you to listen to this show more than once to really get everything Stevie and I talked about. I personally want to thank Stevie for his undying love for Physical Culture and his tireless drive to get these events known throughout the world! One other question I posed to Stevie was What is the one word ever lifter must have to succeed? I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out the answer. We also talked about a few things coming to the Gathering of 2019! All positives and a future like no other! Listen to a Podcast that is so uplifting that maybe we will see you lifting the Dinnie Stones at a future Gathering! The Possibilities are Endless!

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