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July 20, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Hip Girdle Power-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Jon Bruney to the broadcast. Jon is a Strongman, Author, Motivational Speaker, Pastor and Writer for Milo Magazine. Eric and Jon start an action packed podcast off called Hip Girdle Power. Your Power comes from the Hips! We give examples of the boxer or MMA fighter who might want to work his shoulders but the power from a punch comes through the hips. Eric and Jon talk about the changes we make in these massive lifts we do either for that lift itself or to affect another lifting movement we want to succeed with down the road.
Eric and Jon talk about some of the success Eric has been having with the York Iron Boots not only for Hip Power but Eric using the York Leg Developing Course. We talk about the inception of the Iron Boots from the 1930’s and how this old style of training not only increased the power of the Hips but delivered to a very neglected area which is your ankle in strengthening it. With the strengthening of the ankle, your shins will no longer be a weak link. When the weight from the Iron Boots is under you all the time shin strength and stability will always be strong and solid. Another big dividend ankle training has is its direct correlation with your nervous system.
We talk about the things you’ll need to do every day to not only build extreme hip power but also the rehab and prehab NEEDED for longevity. Obviously even on your days off from all out training, you’ll still need to keep hitting your lower half of your body with the iron boots. Other movements to consider is Bridging, Body Tempering, Rebounding and our new go to the product called SANDDUNE.
Eric and Jon finish this Hip Exploder show off with a couple of movements which will increase your power with everything you train on with the incorporation of these iron boots gems. The first movement is the leg swing executed back and forth and also out to each side. The second movement with the York Iron Boots is to start making circles in the front, in the back, and to each side of your body. Besides building a great hip structure it opens the hip up which is an another major plus of the iron boots. The majority of us sit down all day compressing everything and watching our mobility diminish to the point where a high percentage of people can’t even do a full bodyweight squat. We will have more on the Hip Girdle, the shoulder girdle and the SANDDUNE. Watch your Power Explode! 
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