Ingrid Marcum-Athlete-#299

October 19, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Ingrid Marcum-Athlete-#299-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Number One Podcast show in the World Motivation and Muscle Welcomes First Time Guest, Olympic Lifter, Gymnast, US Bobsled Team Athlete, Highland Games and Personal Trainer Ingrid Marcum to The Podcast Show. Ingrid has done some amazing things in her athletic career starting at the age of two years old in gymnastics. As our listeners know when I have a guest on for the first time the format is loose to get them introduced to the Motivation and Muscle Family. Eric asks Ingrid a question he asks himself everyday. Why Do You Lift? Ingrid tells us from a very young age she was very strong and powerful. Gymnastics really paved the way to further create this young genetically gifted athlete. We talk about carrying and the benefits it creates. There is nothing like pure strength and explosive speed due to bear hugging and carrying an object in front of you. Ingrid and I believe this could be the one common denominator missing from your training which could put you over the top. We talk about injuries and when an athlete feels broken. Ingrid is a gym owner and she relates to me how she has begun to hone in on that with the athlete reassuring them that we all have greatness and we can change the outcome with our approach and the exercises we need to get back on track toward our goals. Ingrid is loaded with information and training principals. She is the complete athlete.We are Extraordinary not Ordinary and that’s how we change minds and hearts. Believe in your greatness!  The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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