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Innovation-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Carmen Caputo to the broadcast. Carmen is a USA Marine Veteran, a Retired School Teacher and a Champion Weightlifter for 57 years. Eric and Carmen kick our radio show right off with the power of innovation in every facet of your life especially in the skill of weightlifting, Carmen refers to all of his years of training over the bar and under the bar and no matter how he feels he will always lift the iron. Right, there that is an innovative thought process. He has now reasoned inside of himself that there is truly no peace with him unless he is fully involved with his weight room.Eric and Carmen talk about the innovation of a lifter meaning Carmen himself where he believes that lots of iron, lifting bars, dumbbells and your own place to lift all of this steel is the best place to put it all together and get it done! Eric and Carmen are both in full agreement that the majority of gyms will never inspire one to become better and to go after a worthy goal. This type of environment does not breed where innovation needs to thrive.We talk about the only way to be a true innovator is to have an unrelenting iron will no matter what you’re faced with. But there’s even more to it than that. You need to find every drop of inspiration in you to go out and take a high risk on yourself or in your training. Aren’t they really one in the same? Learn to try new things to fix an age old problem. Sometimes you’ll need to see what doesn’t work in your training in order to figure out what will work so you will truly succeed. Eric and Carmen talk about some of the innovative training Eric is doing at the FBC Stone and Steel Yard. With a trip in the future to do some major stone lifting in Iceland, Scotland and Wales Eric is embarking on many older styles of weight movements which are not popular because of the difficulty so many of them present. To accomplish these goals you must take your mind on a voyage few really will want to attempt because of the pain it will cause.  I look at it as a chance to come up with ideas that have always been there but someone had the guts to prove the theory and how to execute it and make it work. We can’t emphasize enough about what is the goal your going after and how hard do want to achieve it! Make that impossible goal and go after it with the drive of an earth mover. Never shy away from hard work even when you feel you could be going down. Someone or something will come out of nowhere and turn or tilt you in the right direction. We end our podcast with doing what’s important for yourself to succeed. Remember it’s for you and only you. Take that big leap of faith in yourself. Become the innovator who succeeds no matter what the odds present over and over again. Learn to become the example and the solution to others out there who are facing or have faced the similar situations you’re going through. Time moves ever so quickly. Innovate, Inspire, and Believe that the world is yours to create all of the success you’ve ever dreamed of. Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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