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Introducing-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes James Grahame to the Broadcast. James is a Highland Games Athlete, Strongman, and Stone Lifter.Eric and James start the show right off with Introducing James to our family! We briefly discuss the passage I read called the Opinion of Others and how important it is to think for yourself and not to let others dissuade you from living and accomplishing your dreams. We get into the disconnect men are constantly facing in a world of technology and the negative consequences that come with it.
Eric and James talk about how weightlifters and stone lifters are wired differently than the average man. We really relish the ability to go out in the middle of nowhere with family and friends and stone lift. We call this our primal disconnect! Eric and James talk about the various stones of Iceland and Scotland and why we do this. The reasons why we do this and there are many is for the comradery, the ability to compete with the same stone just like everyone else and of course the stories following the lifting. Eric and James talk about their influences into the world of strength and James tells us it was his future brother in law who introduced him to the squat and how he never looked back. James has competed for powerlifting, competed in the Highland Games and competed in Strongman to.   But it was the stones that really set him on fire to lift and be the best he could be. James talks about the late Stone Historian Peter Martin and the relationship they built over the years. James just like Martin Jancsics wants to teach and carry on Peter’s legacy about the history of Stone Lifting.We talk about appreciation in our lives and how vitally important it is to your longevity. We talk about the ability to build great everlasting health. Even as we age we still have the ability to perform and have a very positive outlook on life in general. We talk about making ourselves uncomfortable and how we will succeed no matter what. James talks about the pursuit and the drive to continue no matter what are the circumstances. We’ve both witnessed lifters who have come back and kept training after losing arms and legs. The question that is always asked is why would they want to do this after losing so much? The answer is why not. Wanting excellence in your life never leaves you because of injury or worse. What it does is it makes you want to overcome, improve and beat the odds.We talk about our positive influences on others and especially the young kids coming up. We need to not only teach but to get them involved in Physical Culture. If we teach them at a young age to be healthy, strong and determined that will always be a part of life’s rewards. Who knows we just might be developing the next great Stonelifter. We should all be willing to take that journey to the very end! Strength and Honor! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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